Based in India

Baeru Environmental Services

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

The increasing amount of plastic pollution is a serious threat to marine life as well as to coastal communities. Our organisation was born out of the need to address this particular issue. We follow a 3 pronged approach of partnerships with government bodies, infrastructure development, and livelihood generation for rural women to enable climate action and gender justice.

Our biggest strength lies in leveraging the power of design and technology in a lingual and regional context.

We work under five verticals: 

1) Women-led Waste Management and Advocacy

2) Ocean Bound Plastics Mitigation and Recovery

3) Climate Technology

4) Community Engagement

5) Eco-School Education Programs

Impact Story

Our mission is to make India's coastal communities active participants in climate action through the mitigation of ocean plastic pollution and the development of a circular economy. We follow a three-pronged approach: partnerships with local government bodies, infrastructure development, and livelihood generation for rural women.

Impact 2021-22

-250 women at the base of the socio-economic pyramid joined the Baeru community waste management programme, becoming financially independent for the first time in their lives. 

-30 local government bodies have partnered with Baeru to provide integrated waste management services to their constituencies

-3000+ women have trained in Solid Waste Management and provide these services to their community.

- 2000 MT of ocean-bound plastics recovered by Baeru’s team as part of the collection programme  in addition to 500 MT recovered by programme volunteers.