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Caare Healthtech Services Private Limited

A For-profit with social mission

How This Works

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Organization Details

We at Caare, will empower the Rural Practitioners so that they can become a bridge between the Rural Patient and the Senior remote Doctor in the city.

A Rural Practitioner, Community Health Worker, Nurse, Caregiver, or any Private Practitioner, at the patient, will simplify the procedure for the patient and doctor, allowing them to give a better treatment plan. Using our idea of Rural Assisted Telemedicine, the most crucial necessity of vitals checks for the Doctor is addressed when the Rural Practitioner is with the patient at home or at their clinic. With our methodology, we will ensure that the prescriptions to patients are provided by the Senior Doctor who is accessible online with our Mobile App. For every consultation that happens on our platform, we record the details of all the participants involved in the consultation including the Rural practitioners. A separate interface is also developed for Patients, Doctors, and Rural practitioners in the process.

Impact Story

People have used virtual health care visits and services more than ever since the COVID-19 outbreak began. A new study from the University of Maryland School of Public Health discovered that people in rural regions encountered higher challenges to adopting these telehealth techniques than those in urban areas. I've personally encountered a problem with ongoing telemedicine, where I've seen a disconnect in the Rural communities when I visited my hometown. Shortage of Medical professionals, Distance and Transportation, Social Stigma, and Privacy Issues are some of the key problems in Rural areas which can be addressed using telemedicine. Unfortunately, due to poor literacy rates, people do not get the opportunity to utilize the telemedicine model of consultation.

To use the existing Telemedicine platforms the rural community needs to take the support of individuals who has the knowledge to understand and access such platforms using a mobile phone. This becomes the biggest barrier for the rural community to even explore this alternative. Additionally, rural communities believe in meeting their local practitioners in person rather than meeting them virtually. Among these challenges, a support system in the form of local practitioners can make a true difference in adopting telemedicine in Rural communities. The most crucial necessity of vitals checks for the Doctor is not addressed in the current telemedicine platforms so the Rural practitioners again will become an enabler who can connect the Remote Doctor with the Local Rural patient and ensure the quality of treatment is enhanced.

At CAARE we want to disrupt this disconnect between the Remote Doctor and Patients in the Rural community using Assisted Telemedicine Model with the help of Rural Practitioners in villages.