Based in India

Uvi Health

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

Uvi building a virtual care platform for 150M+ Indian women suffering from reproductive, hormonal and sexual health concerns. Uvi provides women access to verified content, community and digital tracking for free, powered by a premium model of at-home diagnostics and care programs. In just 4 months of launch, we rank #1 on Play Store in India for PCOS, our first area of focus. We have over 20,000 women on our platform. We aim to build affordable care solutions for 10+ disorders.  

Impact Story

India fares poorly on sexual and reproductive health outcomes. 1 in 5 women suffer from PCOS. 70%+ women are leading unhealthy lives. Lack of comprehensive sexual health education along with the stigma and taboo associated with these concerns make it difficult to get a timely diagnosis and the right care. There is a huge underserved need for treating disorders like PCOS, thyroid, endometriosis, fibroids, vaginismus, and sexual dysfunctions. Currently, the market lacks holistic, evidence-based solutions and the cost of accessing high-quality care & specialists is unaffordable for most women. At Uvi, we are building a safe space & community powered by access to care managers, coaches and specialists who can help women manage their concerns confidentially and in a clinically backed manner.