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Impeccable Innovations Pvt Ltd

A For-profit with social mission

How This Works

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Organization Details

We have two different business verticals:

1. SPORTIFY: Under this brand, we sell nutritious gluten-free multigrain flours pan India in a online D2C model. These products are proving to be useful for diabetics and special kids with autism & cerebral palsy.

2.IIPLeM: It's full form is Impeccable Innovations Pvt Ltd e-marketplace where we are selling GFCFSF foods & non-food items, keeping in mind that it's useful for our primary set of customers of special kids with autism & cerebral palsy. It's India's first  e-marketplace catering to the need of pecial kids with autism & cerebral palsy. We believe that if the product is useful for our primary target consumers, then it be useful for all.


GFCFSF: means Gluten-free, Casein-free, Soy-free


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Impact Story

Our innovations & e-platform are making a difference in lives of special kids with autism & cerebral palsy by improving their leaky gut through our GFCFSF food brand of SPORTIFY.

Currently, we are focussed on special children with autism in the age-group of 2-8 years as well as children with CP. Using our product, there is decrease in symptoms of autism w.r.t hyperactivity, improper eye-contact etc. We are already associated with two autism centres - one in Hyderabad & Jharkhand.

If we can get access to more such autistic centers and autism therapy specialist, then we can help the parents with early dietary interventions for their special kids. 

We have seen in our existing customers on how they feel jubiliant in small-small improvements in their special kids. Even my 34-year old brother who is spactic, quadriplegic & has cerebral palsy from birth, has seen improvement in his overall health using SPORTIFY foods. He is currently working as manager in Union Bank of India, Delhi.

With more consumer outreach & funding, we can impact more such life and even get these autism affected children out of the spectrum of autism disorder. As we are boostrapped, our reach is limited currently.