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Organization Details

Sanivation is a social enterprise that delivers clean, safe and efficient sanitation services to urbanizing communities in low-income countries. Our mission is to improve the dignity, health, and environments of these cities. We have been operating in Kenya since 2014, partnering with local governments to support the research, design, implementation, and monitoring of safely managed sanitation. We utilize market-based approaches, combined with integrated stakeholder engagement, to create, implement, and operate lasting fecal sludge management (FSM) solutions.

Impact Story

Sanitation is among the most urgent challenges facing fast-growing cities in the developing world. Over half the global population lacks access to safely managed sanitation. City dwellers will grow from 4.2 to 6.7 billion by 2050, and much of this growth is occurring in low and lower-middle income countries, where the risks of rapid urbanization are greatest. The impacts of inadequate sanitation stretch across health, the environment, and the economy, with total global costs estimated at $260 billion per year. In Kenya, 19,500 people, 17,100 of whom are children under 5, die from diarrhea each year. Poor sanitation is also the second-highest risk factor for stunting. The Water and Sanitation Program estimates that poor sanitation costs Kenya $324 million annually and emphasizes that this figure is a significant underestimate. Traditional sanitation methods can’t deliver safe sanitation at the scale that is needed. They are too expensive to allow governments to serve all the people moving to cities and too environmentally damaging to be sustainable. There is an urgent need to imagine new solutions.

Sanivation is changing the tragectory of sanitaiton in Kenya by applying market-based solutions through a partnership based approach. Having seen too often failed or forgotten sanitation infrastructure, we inherently understand the need for understanding local context and market-driven business models to ensure lasting solutions. It is from our continual operational experience that we are on the forefront of innovative financing options and FSM market solutions. 

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