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Beyond Water

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

Beyond Water was established in 2018 by the NGO Pump Aid as a social impact business to provide game changing business led solutions to the water challenges faced by rural populations in Malawi and beyond.

    We provide:

    Ø  Reliable acces to clean water through a Professionalised Repair and Maintenance service to reverse community pump break down rates. We improve long term pump functionality from c50% to >95%, providing basic universal access to water.

    Ø Increased access to affordable irrigation for smallholder farmers through pump sales. Low cost user centred designed pump sales for households and small scale farmers. We improve convenience and health for householders and crop productivity and food security for farmers.

    Impact Story

    The problems we are solving:

    • 1 in 3 people in Malawi do not have convenient access to safe water. Over 80% of the population live rurally and rely on community handpumps as their primary source of clean water. But handpump functionality is only 60%, caused by poor management and a lack of regular maintenance. Without reliable access to water waterborne diseases such as cholera spread quickly and women and girls are forced to give up education and livelihoods to walk long distances to the closest clean water source.
    • 89% of Malawi's smallholder farmers rely on rainfed irrigation to grow crops. Increasingly vulnerable to climate related shocks, such as 2023 Tropical Cyclone Freddy, precious crops can be wiped out affecting livelihoods and household nutrition. By increasing access to irrigation crop yields can increase 100-300% and provide surplus produce to bolster income.