Based in United Kingdom

Beyond Water

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

Beyond Water was established in 2018 by the NGO Pump Aid as a social impact business to provide game changing business led solutions to the water challenges faced by rural populations in Malawi and beyond. We provide:

Ø  Professionalised Repair and Maintenance service to reverse community pump break down rates. We improve long term pump functionality from c50% to >95%, providing basic universal access to water.

Ø  Pump Sales. Low cost user centred designed pump sales for households and small scale farmers. We improve convenience and health for householders and crop productivity and food security for farmers.

Impact Story

Since 2018, Beyond Water Malawi has;

Repair andf Maintenace:

Ø  1,300 community water pumps repairs and maintained across 3 Disitrcts

Ø  325,000 people with reliable access to community water

Ø  Annual Service Contracts established and unique licenses agreed with District Councils

Ø  92 Pump Mechanic Entrepreneurs successful profitable small scale business across 3 Districts

Low Cost Pump Sales

·       2000 low cost pump sales for home and farm > convenience, health, crops

·       Service agreements offered with all pumps. Guaranteeing functionality

·       43 local jobs created - manufacturing and sales staff