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Drinkwell is tackling South Asia's water crisis impacting 800 million lives by building the region's first tech-enabled, full stack water services platform that makes it easy for safe water providers to design, build, operate and maintain water infrastructure. Drinkwell embeds proprietary filtration technology and IoT-enabled monitoring systems within water infrastructure and has deployed over 400 decentralized safe water kiosks using patented hix-nano filtration technology that recovers 99% of groundwater (compared to only 50% for reverse osmosis) in partnership with 41 deployment partners impacting over 400,000 lives who consume over 20 million liters of water per month across Dhaka and Chittagong Bangladesh as well as Eastern India. Our uniqueness falls in how we have our own in-house team of award-winning chemical engineers with over 30 years of execution experience in an industry fraught with local system integrators who merely resell off-the-shelf technology at a markup. 

Impact Story


Drinkwell will create social, economic, and health impact for 100 million people by 2030 by converting 3% of the 1.4 million contaminated water wells in South Asia into enterprises. Socially, Drinkwell empowers women by delivering water to households, eliminating the need to spend 5 hours a day sourcing water and allowing girls to attend school and mothers to take part in income-generating activities. Arsenicosis victims are unable to attain jobs due to the presence of skin lesions on their bodies. Children are ostracized at school and daughters are unable to marry. Drinkwell removes iron (stomach aches/loss of appetite) and fluoride (joint pain and fluorosis). Economically, each plant creates 3 jobs. When used for laundry, Drinkwell yields whiter whites (iron-laced water stains clothes red); provides tastier fish and rice when used for cooking due to less briny water; and gives smoother hair for women who currently use iron-laced water during showers.