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Philanthrofi LLC

A For-profit with social mission

How This Works

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Organization Details

Philanthrofi is a digital marketplace connecting Companies and international Impact Organizations to promote corporate sustainability. Companies can invest directly into thousands of active development, humanitarian, and philanthropic initiatives implemented by Impact Organizations around the world that align with their strategic investments, supply-chains, expansion markets, and other ESG goals.

Impact Story

Daniel Carrillo and Ricky Marton, the two founders of Philanthrofi met and worked together at a Washington, D.C. based international NGO named Pact. Pact, like many NGOs and international nonprofits implementing development programs around the world, receives a major portion of their funding through the U.S. Government where the process to receive program funding required months if not years of preparation. This preparation concluded with a 25-page proposal that desensitized the end goal of what programs are meant to achieve and who they were meant to help. Daniel and Ricky would spend hours speaking about how to improve this process for a new generation of professionals and a new era of sustainability that was quickly gaining recognition in the private sector.

They saw two challenges that needed a solution. The first challenge was on the company side of the equation, companies want to show their stakeholders that their business is acting responsibly and operating sustainably, but have a hard time defining what this means and how to create initiatives around this goal. The second issue is that NGOs and nonprofit organizations want to diversify their funding sources through sustainable corporate partnerships, but they don't know what impact causes companies are interested in and how their active programs can align with those company needs. They started talking more seriously about the viability of creating a stand-alone company looking to provide a market solution to solve these needs.