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Global Welfare Association (GLOWA)

A Non-profit

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Organization Details

Global Welfare Organization (GLOWA) is a not-for-profit; nongovernmental organization that fights against human trafficking and the damages it creates in communities through community education, support to victims, and advocacy. Our work aims to nurture a culture of respect for human rights, particularly those of children and women, and fight against the systematic abuses faced by the most vulnerable. We want to significantly reduce the rate at which children are abused through trafficking and exploitation in the North West Region of Cameroon. GLOWA strongly believes that every child has the right to grow in an environment where s/he feels free, valued, and given the opportunity to maximize their potentials without succumbing to domestic and sexual servitude. We aspire to empower present-day children as claim holders and promoters of their basic human rights. We are committed to upholding these rights as a way of preparing future generations to become productive citizens

Impact Story

GLOWA is committed to building abuse resistant communities through working directly with communities and survivor.

At its core is a dedicated Counter-Trafficking Resource Centre which acts as a think-tank, providing research, insights, and intelligence on trafficking in Cameroon generating data that informs our activities and help keep child-trafficking high on public agendas. GLOWA was instrumental in lobbying for the first counter-trafficking laws in Cameroon, which were established in 2005. Drawing on the experiences of its own team of ‘survivors’, GLOWA established a databank of recruitment scams, victim referral pathways and community awareness programs to help those most at risk understand how the trafficking scams work. Through campus tours, workshops and campaigns, GLOWA estimates that it reaches over 5,000 children aged between 9 and 13, annually getting ahead of the traffickers to share details of the tactics frequently used to lure them away from their families.

The rehabilitation of victims is a key component of our work with the provision of basic healthcare, counselling and legal support. We are developing a more comprehensive program of ‘holistic’ rehabilitation which will provide for a broader range of needs.  ‘GLOWAHaus Rehabilitation’ will be a modular program of both instructor and web-base learning which will fill key educational gaps and build marketable skills in sewing and needlework.  The goal is to work with local businesses to help survivors develop the necessary skills and confidence to get back into the organised labour market in Cameroon. Social and mental health support will be delivered by dedicated resources who will build skills in confidence and support those suffering from trauma.

GLOWAHaus is designed to address these shortcomings, importantly driving a critical shift in mindset from one of victimhood and dependency to one of survival and independence. The goal is to rehabilitate 75 victims over five years.