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The Coffee Quest Colombia

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

The Coffee Quest works on a daily basis to source the best green ‘raw’ coffee from producing countries in Africa and Latin America under the values; Transparency, Collaboration and Quality.  The coffee beans are shipped per container to The Netherlands and to New York. From our warehouses we service a variety of European American and Canadian roasters. The story and people behind the coffee, are a fundamental part of the way customers look at our coffee.

The Coffee Quest is a global green coffee brand. We export from: Colombia and Brazil, all over the planet. We import in the USA and EU(NL).

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Brand StrategyCommunicationsCopywritingMarketingStrategic Marketing

Impact Story

We believe in paying a good price to coffee farmers, to be able to secure a sustainable supply chain. We do this by paying based on quality. We help farmers to increase their quality and maintain consistency. 

We have managed to substantially increase income for hundreds of farmers so far and this number keeps rising.