Based in Kenya

Farm to Feed

A For-profit with social mission

How This Works

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Organization Details

Farm to Feed aggregates food loss and waste and gives it purpose. We provide a circular food system solution to reducing food loss and waste by creating a market for surplus and imperfect produce.

We source fresh produce from supply hubs and partners outside of Nairobi, imperfect and/or surplus fruit and vegetables that would otherwise have been written off as a loss for farmers. Leveraging our lease-based fleet of trucks (provided in partnership with SNV), we deliver our rescued produce to our customers at below market price; increasing the affordability of nutritious food and reducing CO2 emissions. In the future, Farm to Feed will also expand into value added products and additional services. 

Increasingly, businesses and individuals are looking for ways to include an impact story into their business model. The discounted produce plus the associated environmental impact is our unique identifier.  

Impact Story

Globally 1.2 BILLION tons of food are wasted on farms each year. This is significantly more than is wasted from retail and food service industries; and households combined and is enough to feed the world’s 870 million undernourished four times over (World Wildlife Fund Report 2021).  In sub-Saharan Africa, nearly 50% of fruit and vegetables never make it to the consumer.

Food that is left to rot - food loss/waste releases methane - accounts for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The valuable resources put into growing the produce (land, water, energy and capital) are also wasted. Climate change, food loss/waste and food insecurity are well-known global challenges. In Kenya, where 32% of the population faces food insecurity and poor nutrition, the paradox is especially prevalent. Kenya loses more than $1.5 billion USD annually in post-harvest losses. Food loss is detrimental to farmers, food security and the environment.

Although other interventions to reduce food loss and waste exist in other countries there is presently nothing like Farm to Feed operating at scale in Kenya.