Based in Kenya

Digital Divide Data Kenya Ltd.

A Non-profit

Organization Details

Digital Divide Data Kenya Limited (DDD) is a Nairobi based social impact outsourcing company with the mission of using technology and digital skills to bridge the divide between economically and socially marginalized youth and providing employment opportunities that lead to a sustainable and viable future.

We offer services that support our social mission. These include: field research and data creation for academic researchers, NGOs, and corporate clients. Data preparation and labeling services to build highly reliable and accurate training datasets for AI and machine learning are another core competency of DDD. Our team of 700+ associates in Africa provide quality data labeling, annotation, and enrichment services for computer vision and natural language processing use cases across agribusiness, aerial imagery, robotics, sports analytics, e-commerce, fintech, telemedicine, media, and autonomous vehicles.

Impact Story

DDD’s approach to Impact Sourcing is based on a comprehensive program of training, employment and higher education that enables young people to identify and attain their goals. The structured program that DDD offers enables youth to develop their skills, grow personally and improve the socio-economic well-being of their families. 

We work with non-governmental organizations to identify individuals between the ages of 18-25 who have completed high school but cannot afford to go to university, and accept them as DDD trainees based on their interests, skills, aptitude, and motivation. They attend two to six months of integrated professional and personal life skills training where they learn commonly applicable computer software, improve typing speed and accuracy, and develop business English and problem-solving skills. Youth who complete training and meet DDD's standards join DDD as entry-level Associates, giving them valuable work experience that is relevant to the Tech Industry. As Associates, our youth are also able to pursue tertiary education and specialized skills training under scholarships offered by DDD.