Based in United Kingdom

Paddle With Purpose

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

A Bermuda based kayak excursion business, using the power of travel and tourism to promote sustainability.  Part proceeds of our revenue from our excursions go towards the development and support of our youth program - Paddle WIth Purpose.

Our youth program's mission is to empower young islanders with economic opportunities (to become tour guides) whilst also empowering them with opportunities to create solutions to safeguard our marine environment.  We also provide opportunities for growth and development, leadership

Impact Story

In around May 2020, after the sheltering in place lifted on my island, I began venturing out and exploring more in the outdoors.  One of the things that I began doing more of is kayaking.  When in the marine environment, I noticed a lack of inclusion, diversity and representation.  This was concerning as the ocean is a big part of our natural environment, which is also under threat from increasing plastic and other types of pollution, the impacts of climate change and human activity.  To create solutions to these pressing issues, diversity of voices is required.  Young people that are representative of our community will benefit from early exposure to the marine environment which will lead to environmental stewardship.

So far, I have raised funds from running kayak excursions, but have been only able to host a few young people.  I am working on growing programs to engage more young people.