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Step Up Tutoring

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

We provide free online tutoring and mentorship to children who would not be able to afford it otherwise.

Impact Story

School closures and remote learning due to the coronavirus crisis have exacerbated the massive divide in schooling in America. As some children are able to continue to learn because their schools have the resources to adjust instruction, many students are struggling. This disparity among schools disproportionately affects minorities and students from lower income families. Not only are these students struggling to learn important material, but many also are not getting the social interaction they need to grow. 

Many studies have shown the particular importance of foundational skills learned during elementary school, however, many students affected by coronavirus will never have the opportunity to learn these skills. Without these vital skills on which to build, students will be harmed academically and socially. Because so many students are experiencing the same challenges, the consequences of lost education due to coronavirus could have lasting negative effects on the nation and the world. Fortunately, many school districts’ efforts to connect students to the internet has created the infrastructure for Step Up Tutoring to fix this problem by bringing personalized instruction directly to any student who needs it.