Based in Vietnam

Will to Live Center

A Non-profit

Organization Details

The Will to Live Center (WLC) is a Hanoi based nonprofit that provides free computer and life skills training courses to people with disabilities in order to help them find employment and integrate fully into society. WLC also runs several social initiatives with the goal of ending the discrimination and stigma that people with disabilities face on a daily basis.


Impact Story

Our History
- 2003: ‘The Great Circle of Viet Nam’ was founded in the province of Nghe An

- 2004: Founding of ‘The Cong Hung Computing Technology Training center”

- 2008: ‘The Cong Hung Computing Technology Training center’ was renamed ‘The Will To Live center”

- 2009: ‘The Will To Live Joint Stock Company’ was founded in Hanoi.

- 2012: Mr. Cong Hung died

- 2013: Nguyen Thi Van became the director of ‘Will to Live Center’ and President of ‘The Will to Live Joint Stock Company”

- 2016: Nguyen Thi Van became Chairwoman of Co-founder Board of  Will to Live Center, Co-founder and Chairwoman of Imagtor Company and Ngo Thi Huyen Minh became Director of Will to Live Center