Based in Tanzania


A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

 OVAH was founded in 2015 and it was known as OurCries where the aim was to protect students from harassment in public transit from bus operators. In 2019, Ourcries became OVAH and revamped the organization to tackle the prominent issue of sexual abuse and sexual harassment that many girls and young women face in Tanzania.

  • OVAH provides a platform where victims of sexual harassment can speak out about these incidents. 

  • Connect victims with Psychologists and Legal Practitioners.

  •  Raising Awareness through Mwajuma Simama - An animation series that aims at raising that initiate conversations about taboo topics such as consent, rape, etc.

  • Let’s Talk About it Event -A monthly in-person or virtual event to engage where we host meaningful conversations with children and youths.

  • We raise awareness about sexual harassment and also initiate conversations about taboo topics such as consent, rape, etc encourage the victims to speak up about these incidents in schools.

Impact Story

Currently, OVAH has almost 100 reports from girls/women speaking up about sexual harassment and abuse that they have faced. With effective recruitment of psychologists and legal personnel who wish to work with us as giving back to their community, we will be able to help these girls/women reporting via our system. Through our events, we have reached 494 girls and women and educated them on the importance of speaking up and seeking help and justice to eliminate sexual abuse and harassment in a long run. We have also reached almost 200 boys and educated them on awareness and positive masculinity to prevent the culture of violence towards girls and women.