Based in Brunei

Kilang ReRoot

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

Kilang ReRoot aims to tackle food waste using the three pillars of sustainability: reducing food

waste (environment) by involving multiple sectors of the Bruneian community (society) and

creating opportunities for local businesses through food upcycling projects (economy). The pilot

project focuses on efficient management in every stage of the food cycle, emphasising on waste

recovery to prevent food waste from being dumped in landfills. Project plan begins from the

grassroot level by raising awareness, introducing new ways to adapt to a zero-waste lifestyle,

continuous engagement with the public, and eventually building a community that strives

towards sustainable and zero-waste living.

Impact Story

Kilang ReRoot has a vision of building a dynamic and innovative community in

minimising food waste, upcycling food produce into new products, and adopting sustainable

practices in our daily lives thus, striving towards a zero waste and healthy green lifestyle. In

order to do this, its mission is to promote eco-friendly local products for sustainable living in

Brunei Darussalam by becoming environmentally conscious of food production, packaging,

consumption and waste recovery. The project will primarily focus on fresh produce such as fruits

and vegetables. Kilang ReRoot will be collaborating with small local businesses to promote

eco-products and eco-living lifestyle to build a zero waste community together.


Kilang ReRoot aims to tackle food waste that is lost and wasted between agricultural

fields and consumer levels by focusing on three principles of sustainability: economy, society

and environment. It hopes to cultivate food waste into new usable products and avoid food loss

into landfills that affect the ecosystem.