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The purpose of Stichting Boxwise is to improve the situation of vulnerable people in emergency scenarios. 

With the help of Boxtribute vulnerable people should receive what they need in a dignified, efficient and responsible manner. Dignity in this context means that everyone is treated as an individual and has their self-determination respected where possible.

We built and run a web-app which helps organisations to run a free shop. This helps aid organisations to give beneficiaries aid with choice. For example, food or clothes.

Impact Story

We founded and maintain a web-product, Boxtribute, which enables our partners (including IHA, Lifting Hands International and The Free Shop Lebanon) to distribute aid through "free shops". The free shop concept allows aid-giving organisations -for example those working in Greek refugee camps- to distribute vital items with choice. By using Boxtribute electronic tokens, refugees and other vulnerable individuals can pick out the aid they uniquely need, for example from a well-organised selection of clothes or food. We also coded a GDPR registration system for beneficiaries, warehouse inventory system with QR codes and other useful features which assist our partners over Europe and beyond. 


Although we are incredibly proud of what the Boxtribute product can already achieve, we are always looking to improve our technology, and better assist NGOs who care for vulnerable persons under difficult and ever-changing circumstances.


The reason this is needed, and the change we make is the choice factor combined with the organisation of logistics. Without our system, NGOs don't know how to distribute aid with choice, and they end up making a really messy job of it which harms more people than it helps. They also don't have good enough logistical organisation, and keep making the same mistakes over and over again. By using our system to register beneficaries, for example, an aid-giving group can be sure that they didn't give aid to this person recently, and they can see when the person were last helped and what items they recieved. Additionally, they can use our warehouse system to know exactly what's in their warehouse, by scanning QR codes or using the web-login.

We help organisations -often made up of a group of unskilled volunteers- to be incredibly professional within their work, and run a well-managed operation which truly helps people in need. 

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The TRANSFORM Support Hub is committed to accelerating diverse owned and led enterprises to build more equitable and resilient supply chains.

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