Based in Brunei


A Non-profit

Organization Details

DigTech aims to deliver positive social impacts in the digital space through the promotion of digital literacy awareness among the youths, particularly those categorised as underprivileged, empowering and engaging these individuals in the era of the digital revolution. Co-founded in 3 countries within the region, the nature that laid the foundation through the cross-collaboration effort recognises that the region requires more work to address the social inequality gaps to drive digital inclusivity. The organisation envisions transforming to a social enterprise in its second phase to achieve sustainability and expand the impacts across the regional community.

Impact Story

Despite the digital acceleration encountered throughout the pandemic, our co-founders found that there is still a significant lack of initiatives to drive digital adaptive skills within the region. In DigTech’s context, we define adaptive skills as any transferable skills that will result in becoming a digitally literate individual. DigTech believes that without adapting the functions between humanity and technologies together, no entities can meet the pace and demands of global architecture. Acknowledging that digital literacy is no longer optional, rather a necessity to drive oneself, DigTech exists to be the bridge to address the gap between those hyper-digitalised and under-connected in the region. We believe our organisation adds a functional layer of security not only to the individual but to the wider civil society. 


Insofar as its establishment in March 2021, DigTech has reached engagement through maximising several methods such as physical/virtual interactive workshops, digital toolkits, social advocacy campaigns, online webinars, to thousands of youths across the region. DigTech is proud to deliver positive impacts by educating the essentials of digital space such as the risks of cyberbullying to digital wellbeing, understanding that these necessities carry more weight as pre-requisites to advance the ladder in the digital space. Further, DigTech is proud to build a strong rapport with both regional and national organisations, strengthening our values to reach our objectives.  While the organisation does not discount the importance of advanced technological skills, we believe equipping our end target market in these is a step to creating positive change. This results in our commitment to transform the organisation into a social enterprise, envisioning that the digital space is an equally safe space for all.