Based in Malaysia

#DemiLaut by Brique Engineering Solutions

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

#DemiLaut is an accredited Social Enterprise dedicated to eradicating what we call the wicked problem of fisheries that is apparent in Malaysia. We develop integrated solutions and products to empower and uplift small-scale fishers, along with the vision of modernizing traditional fisheries.

Impact Story

#DemiLaut's ultimate goal is centred upon SD2 Zero Hunger & SDG14 Life Below Water, where we address the wicked problems of small-scale fisheries (SSF) in Malaysia. We aim to better manage marine resources and contribute to ocean conservation through our integrated solutions which will help uplift and upskill traditional fishers, provide them with alternative resources that aids in ensuring traceability and trackability hence promoting a sustainable fishing culture. This will transform the conventional supply chain in SSF into a value chain by closing the significant social and environmental gap through our lean bottom-to-top approach, empowering the fishers to become self-sustainable in governing their individual challenges before enabling them to govern the marine environment and food security together.






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