Based in Singapore


Organization Details

Borderless360 exists to support refugees and others in similar circumstances to create structures and communities that serve their rights and a better life. We aim to bridge the gap between public awareness and action through non-traditional approaches, bottom-up communication, and building better understanding.

Impact Story

B360 is a diverse and growing group of people from across many countries and cultures,
bringing a broad spectrum of experiences and perspectives to a common vision. Our work
puts us in close and spirited collaboration with grassroots change-makers, academics, and
many others, but we also have in our midst engineers, educators, horticulturalists and even
origami artists, all of whom are putting their hearts and minds to helping B360 develop more
comprehensive and holistic approaches to one of the most complex and devastating
humanitarian issues of our time; refugees and forcible displacement.
True to B360’s ethos of borderlessness, we believe that our strength lies in our ability to
celebrate and integrate our differences. We are united, however, through our recognition of
the deep injustices that drive and perpetuate forced displacement, along with the hope that
we might all see its resolution in this lifetime.