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Blue Dot

A For-profit

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Organization Details

Blue Dot is a promotional products company, 100% committed to sustainability. We go beyond swag, and connect our clients with the causes and values they care about, through the products they put their logo on. We vet all our suppliers through a criteria of social and environmental impact, and help our client measure the impact that their purchases are making.

Impact Story

As cofounders, Kelly and Rachele were incredibly frustrated by the amount of waste in the promotional products industry, which is known for cheap and fast (akin to fast fashion).  At Blue Dot, we are going against these industry norms.  We value quality of quanity, encourage folks to only "take it if you love it", say YES to discrete logos, and have a serious supplier vetting process- all with the end goal to reduce the amount of waste in an industry that throws so much away in the garbage. We are also bringing awareness and transparency to the industry, and shedding light on what can (and sometimes cannot) be done.