Based in United States

McMac Cx

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

McMac Cx deploys the comprehensive and advanced technologies, tools, services, and expertise Creators of buildings and communities use to design, construct, and operate safe, healthy, efficient, and prosperous places for us to live, learn, work, and play.

Used by the world’s largest architectural and municipal Creator decision makers, McMac Cx has also modified these same comprehensive and advanced technologies, tools, services, and expertise, such that building and community Inhabitants may use them to create performance transparency and hold Creators accountable for poor design, construction, and operational decisions.

Working through both the traditional built environment Creator, and grassroots Inhabitant pathways, McMac Cx maximises possible social, environmental, and financial benefits.

Impact Story

McMac Cx exists to move Creators past the lowest first cost mentality by substantiating the business case for incorporation of proven designs, technologies, policies, and processes that maximize social, environmental, and financial benefits within our building and community projects.

To date, McMac Cx has substantiated over $10,300,000,000 in social, $560,000,000 in environmental, and $470,000,000 in financial opportunity impacting 5,560,000 Inhabitants.