Based in Netherlands


A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

We create clean and efficient insect based food ingredients and biomaterials to change the basis of production in the food industry.

Impact Story

In business as in life, there are this “dots” of experiences that you leave as crumbs, but is not until you get to a point where you have a specific experience, idea or until you meet the right people that you able to connect this “dots” with a line, this is the story of our company. 
The experiences and knowledge of Daniela and Alejandro, together with the driven passion for making the world a better place, Daniela by using public health and sustainability as a method, and Alejandro with entrepreneurship and the circular economy as tools. Both with a deep love for nature and knowledge. The kickstart of this journey was when Alejandro's grandmother passed away and the decided to follow her food steps towards making the world a better place, now 3 years later the journey has lead the company across the Atlantic to the Netherlands where we are scaling our impact and making our vision a reality.