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A For-profit with social mission

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Developing clean & efficient insect-based bio-materials to create sustainable ingredients for food manufacturers

Impact Story

Sibö is a biotechnology company focused on the development and supply of efficient, clean and easy to incorporate insect-based food ingredients and water-soluble proteins with all essential aminoacids. 

We have developed a proprietary technology that allows the isolation and separation of insect biocomponents and improves the application of these materials. 

We work with crickets and yellow mealworms farmed by our fully owned subsidiary company CRIC, which assures a fair-trade supply chain of insect raw materials, grown safely while increasing productivity and income in rural families of developing countries.

Our company and cofounders care about the future of the food industry and sustainability, which is why our company’s name Sibö is the name of the primary deity in the Talamancan mythology of Costa Rica. He is the hero who taught people how to thrive together with nature. And precisely, that is what Sibö BV aims to contribute to the Dutch and international food production system.

At Sibö are providing the opportunity for the food industry to be sustainable. For many years we have tried to change the industry’s behavior unsuccessfully. We believe it is not about fighting but about collaborating. Our focus is to change the base of production and create a chain of improvements. 

But to able to change the base we need new materials with healthy properties, sustainable production processes and better quality and functionality than the current materials.