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Evoke Global Enterprise Limited

A For-profit with social mission

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About Evoke Global

Evoke Global is a training, coaching and consulting organization serving Female MSME's. We help them build profitable, scalable and sustainable businesses through our wide range of business development services.

Evoke Global has been in existence since 2018, providing business development advisory solutions with the conviction that successful business growth requires leadership and strategy informed by sound market intelligence that targets opportunities and addresses the needs of both the business and the clients it serves.

Our Product Range.

As a business development organization, we add value to small and medium enterprises, by providing a wide array of tailor-made advisory solutions, business outsourcing, training and human capital development solutions, funding solutions, business development consulting and strategic plan development consulting services.

Impact Story

Evoke Works with a wide range of businesses but our main focus is on Women-led Startups and Micro - Businesses with brilliant ideas.

Mama Elsie (name changed) is a fish vendor in based in Nairobi’s Kayole informal settlement. She runs a well networked fish enterprise bringing together a network of many other small scale fish vendors within her web of supply. On an average day, she is able to make sales totaling to around US$ 600 in daily revenues. This figure, extrapolated into monthly and annual figures point to a business enterprise averaging US$ 120,000 to US$ 150,000. Due to the complexity of the business and distribution network, Mama Elsie has hired five staff on an informal basis. Her business is not formally registered and as such, she is not banked through the formal banking system. This means she has no access to formal credit systems.

In a formal system, Mama Elsie would have expanded her business to move upstream in the fish value chain hierarchy with better accountability systems. Opportunities available up the value chain include investment in refrigerated trucks, fish processing for export and for larger retail outlets and many smaller outlets across the city. While opportunities abound for Mama Elsie to scale up her business and build a regional brand through expansion with effective, efficient and accountable systems in a technology driven world, she remains stagnant in her place, high employee turnover continues to plague her business, and the government loses in potential for revenues through tax.

Our programs are tailor-made to build the capacity for the women entreprenuers to develop sustainable business entities through equipping them with the necessary skills and expertise towards establishing sound business systems to support sustainability.