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Two wheels to freewill

A For-profit with social mission

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Organization Details

We enVISION a world where Women everywhere have the courage to live a life they love rather than the life others expect of them. We made it a MISSION to accelerate the 
emotional, physical and economic emancipation of women around the world, by facilitating their access to motorcycling. 

We provide a complete ecosystem for them to take the steering wheels of their life:

  • Women-led Motorcycle riding training in Nepal
  • Motorcycle leasing and access to economic opportunities on 2 wheels
  • Socially-impactful women-led motorcycle adventures to fund the school

Impact Story

What if we could improve women's lives through motorcycling?
What if we could break free from fears and self-limiting beliefs to create the life we wished for?
I've been pondering these questions and they led me to my life's mission: igniting women's emancipation and self-empowerment through motorcycling.

Two-wheelers have always been a part of my life, but it took a transformative turn when I moved to Malaysia in 2015 for my corporate career. That's where I discovered the incredible strength of sisterhood and how stepping beyond our comfort zone can shatter fears and self-doubt. While exploring India and Nepal, I also met women who amazed me with their unyielding spirit in the face of daily challenges, yet were restricted by traditional roles and limited economic opportunities. Lack of transportation and private vehicle ownership hinder their ability to step out of their homes, to support themselves and their families financially.

In 2020, I founded FreeW to share extraordinary motorcycling adventures with my fellow road sisters and encourage them to step out of their comfort zone to discover what they are made of. In return, we invest in local women's economic empowerment, sponsoring motorcycle training in Nepal, and providing them with work on 2 wheels, so that they can also recognize their own strength and gain the confidence to claim the respect and position they deserve.

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