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A For-profit with social mission

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Veo is the UK's largest and most #sustainable online shopping destination, where #sustainability meets quality, showcasing thousands of products from hundreds of independent brands across a range of categories: Fashion, Beauty, Food & Home.

Impact Story

Veo is building the world's largest and most sustainable lifestyle platform: an online community for people and businesses to connect, shop, and change the world.

With the convenience of massive online marketplaces encouraging new consumer habits that aren’t sustainable for our planet, industries are faced with urgently reversing these impacts, disrupting old models to replace them with new. 

According to researchers, Retail is the world’s 2nd most pollutive industry. Continuing business as usual global consumption will require 3 Earths by 2040. Nowhere are these negative environmental effects seen more than in so-called ‘fast fashion’, where clothing production has roughly doubled since 2000, yet consumers only kept the clothes for half as long. Unfortunately a lot of this clothing ends up in the dump, and a garbage truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in landfill every second.

This is why Veo ensures their brands and products meet their award-winning sustainability criteria - and have been rated “most ethical online retailer” 2 years running by Ethical Consumer magazine - via a thorough assessment framework which demonstrates high quality, sustainable trading, responsible labour standards, and ethical supply chains. Veo aims to reinvent the nature of our consumption, going beyond the current take-make-dispose industrial model and promoting a regenerative ‘circular economy’ that aims to redefine growth and focus on positive society-wide benefits. 

It is evident that many consumers (82%) find it challenging to discover sustainable brands that meet or exceed their expectations of quality. There is often a perception that to be sustainable or ‘eco-friendly’ consumers must compromise on some aspect of their products or lifestyle; either quality, aesthetic, look, feel, or taste- but Veo is here to show that embracing a sustainable lifestyle requires no compromise.

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