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Arqlite is a recycling technology company serving massive industries, developing highly efficient materials made 100% from discarded, previously unrecyclable plastics. Our proprietary upcycling system can process laminates and mixed plastic streams, providing an enterprise-scale solution for municipalities and businesses alike. Our trademark product is Arqlite Smart Gravel, an eco-friendly and efficient aggregate taking the best of plastic polymers and resulting in 3x lighter and 10x better insulator than mineral gravel. It can be a substitute filler for non-structural lightweight concrete in construction, asphalt roadways, concrete precast elements, or an efficient drainage layer for landscaping, gardening, and hydroponic projects.

Impact Story

Every year, our globe produces over 330 million tons of plastics. Half of all those plastics are
single-use, and only 9% are recycled. Every week, each of us ingests roughly a credit card-sized chunk of microplastics, while every 10 minutes, a garbage truck’s worth of plastics enters the ocean. And these amounts are expected to double by 2040!

Numbers like these are what sparked Sebastian Sajoux into action. He founded Arqlite with an intention: reduce waste, innovate, and help solve this plastic crisis. Pairing this critical problem with a scalable solution that can scale by turning waste into new green building materials.   Our first product is Smart Gravel, a light aggregate substitute for mineral gravel, it's 3x lighter and is a 10x better insulator, and it's made entirely from plastic waste.   More importantly, this product has a far-reaching range with applications across the entire built environment.   And, we are already operational in two cities, and we are directly diverting plastic waste from landfills and incinerators.  Our vision is to fight plastic waste through scale and expansion; greater adoption of upcycled materials will not only shift the way we view waste but create new opportunities to mitigate the damage we're doing to our ecosystem.