Based in Liberia

Rehab Africa Incorporated

A Non-profit

How This Works

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Organization Details

Rehab Africa is a not-for-profit social enterprise with a mission to end education inequity. Our work focuses on three areas that, together, we can catalyze the transformation needed to ensure our education system equitably serves Liberia’s diverse youths and builds an environment that encourages and supports innovation and creativity.


Impact Story

Rehab Africa was founded mid-May of 2017 by a group of young people in Liberia led by Reuben Reeves who share an ultimate goal and aspiration for their community. Making sure that everyone has equal rights, access to better education, and opportunities to change their lives no matter their color, sexual orientation, who they are, what they can afford, or where they are from. 


Being from Liberia the oldest republic in West Africa comes with dozens of challenges and barriers that staunch youths from reaching their full potential. The lack of access to resources, lack of better learning environment, outdated learning resources, and other forms of education inequity and discrimination across Liberia. To transform Liberia, we must transform all of its Education systems. Rehab Africa was built to create options that youths can choose from in bettering lives and building an education system that’s equal, resilient, transparent, innovative, and youth-serving. We’re creating an impact with a trailblazing team that has focused on growing crucial skills to become more compassionate and empathetic team players that serve the community. We believe in the importance of diversity to better understand each others’ stories, experiences, voices, and needs. As we live through life-changing experiences after life-changing experiences, the value of diversity becomes obvious in this work’s impact on us and the community. Everyone that we’ve met throughout various projects, programs, and initiatives have helped us become a  better team by allowing us to understand the complex cultures of others so that we can adopt team values that protect the diverse experiences of our community while pushing for growth and challenges in effective and sensitive ways. Together, we’re transforming Liberia through the power of youths.