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Organization Details

We are setting out to create feasibility studies for Artificial Desert Lake projects in up to 17 sites around the world where desert salt flats are below sea level thus minimizing pumping costs. A 10,000 sq km artificial lake filled with seawater can release 25 billion tons or more of fresh-water moisture into the atmosphere annually thus greening the desert and producing less extreme heat, fire, and drought risk. The costs are very high but can be cost-justified in many sites with irrigated farming, aquaculture, solar power generation, local cooling, and, overland, wider slight cooling effects. In addition, there are many very high probable disaster costs averted.

Impact Story

We exist in order to: Help initiate Geoengineering projects which are politically attractive because they will generate jobs and produce fish and shellfish protein, irrigated crops and greening of the desert, plus bird sanctuaries and water sports and tourism, 

The huge natural solar desalination of 25 billion tons from each 10,000 sq km of Artificial Desert lakes will have very significant effects over large areas of land.

Impact so far: Very little as we need sponsors and partners so we can hire engineers and scientists. All inputs for 2.5 years have been pro bono and we need more pro bono.