Based in Peru


A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

sinba is a socio-environmental company founded by a group of friends in Lima, Peru, in 2016. It was born from a simple question: what happens to our “garbage”? As we discovered the answer, we were invaded by indignation and with it, the motivation to take action. The current system is polluting, unfair, corrupt: unsustainable on all fronts. We started sinba to change that reality, through practical solutions based on common sense, collaboration and the cycles of nature. In nature, there is no garbage.

Impact Story

Economic: Identifying waste to reduce waste, reducing final disposal costs, valuing materials. Environmental: Preventing materials from ending up in a sanitary landfill or dump, reducing air, soil and water pollution, as well as CO2 emissions. Social: Working hand in hand with recyclers and empowering teams to act more and more consciously. Inspirational: Businesses today can be examples of good citizenship, inspiring their clients to take action, and generating value for their brand and reputation along the way.   For the latter, it becomes very relevant to communicate what is being done, and precisely for this we created the #sinbasura Certification. We found a great ally in this process in the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM), which through its Peru Limpio campaign has been promoting responsible waste practices, and which has great interest in companies being allies in this mission.