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Unity Effect Connect UG

A For-profit with social mission

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We believe that leading change starts within us. It becomes powerful when we work together in teams. And it becomes systemic when we work in and leverage the power of networks and communities. Unity Effect builds capacities and guides the process of leading change at every step of your journey from purpose to meaningful impact.

Impact Story

We envision a world in which every person, team and network is empowered to have an impact beyond themselves and take conscious, compassionate and collaborative action to create a just and thriving world together. Making a difference We are driven to make a difference for others and to support others on their path to make a difference. ‍ ‍ 1 Collaboration We believe we are more impactful when we work together and we value collaboration based on trust and appreciation. 2 Growth We create conditions for healthy growth and we practice self-awareness, reflection and proactive curiosity and learning. 3 Courage We practice choosing what is right over what is easy, showing up with vulnerability and being bold to dream and act. 4 Simplicity We focus on what really matters and we recognise the power of simple things to create an impact.
We started in 2017, driven to contribute to a more sustainable, equitable and thriving future. We saw so much untapped potential to catalyse change, from individuals driven to implement social impact projects, to existing organisations and networks carrying out inspiring work. We realised it is often internal barriers that hold us back from leveraging this potential even more: whether it's the mindset, inner capacities, processes for collaboration, or lack of skills, knowledge, tools and support. ‍ We started our first program, the Changemaker Journey, to empower change agents (and ourselves!) build their inner capacities and start their projects. Our next programs and workshops for teams and leaders grew alongside us, as we began to grow our team in 2018. From the beginning we developed Unity Effect as a purpose-driven organisation, with the principles of self-organisation at the core: shared leadership, decentralised decision-making and a culture where we bring our whole selves to work. At the same time we