Based in Netherlands

Makers Unite

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

Makers Unite is a textile studio with a great social mission: helping newcomers find
a job in the creative sector through talent development programs at home and abroad. The
creative programs are funded by the design and production of sustainable clothing
and merchandise for companies. By using residual materials and being completely transparent about the production and each item tells a unique story.

Impact Story

We believe Newcomers are assets not a burden. It takes dialogue and trust to rebuild dignity and find the right opportunities for talents to materialise into jobs and economic opportunity. Our Vision is a world where every newcomer is given the right opportunity use of its talents. 

Our mission is to support newcomers with access to the job market through the collaborative design and production of sustainable products, in the process shifting narratives around migration globally. Through dialogue and collaborative design processes, we build trust to find the right opportunities for their talents to materialize into jobs and economic opportunity

Values:  “Our core values going with this mission and vision are: sustainability, inclusion, co-creation, and diversity”.