Based in Tanzania

Energy Moto Ltd.

A For-profit

Organization Details

Energy Moto is an Arusha, Tanzania-based business, specialized in Renewable Energy, construction of biodigesters, and creating sustainable strategies for individuals and companies. We work to stay informed of the most current efficient sustainability practices to provide alternative cost-effective methods to satisfy our clients’ needs. The construction of biodigesters is one of our specialties providing the optimal solutions for the utilization of organic waste and/or animal slurry for the production of biogas. What makes us stand out is that we find the balance between protecting and preserving the environment while using the existing resources to solve issues or create opportunities for the production of renewable energy.

Impact Story

The vision of Energy Moto Ltd. is that All Rural and semi-urban farmers of Tanzania are using biogas technology to generate renewable energy for multiple purposes such as producing electricity, water heating, and cooking ideally to minimize or replace the use of charcoal and/or firewood to reduce the pressure on the environment also to generate fertilizer for the production of quality crops.

Our goal is to use existing organic matter at the farmers' compounds and/or farms to produce affordable and high-quality biogas through the construction of biodigesters for domestic or industrial energy production and bio-slurry for optimal crop production.

Our purpose is through the construction of biodigesters, to be able to finance some of them (pro-bono) because our demand is always broader than the purchasing power of some of our clients.