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HybridHELIX Consulting LLC

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

      Simply put, we are a business concierge. We make the lives of small business owners easier by providing a team of experts available right at their fingertips to request projects and marketing services to be facilitated by our team. We make the lives of small business owners easier by acting as an extension of their team with the experience and necessary partnerships to pull their business to greater success. In time as we grow, we seek to become a B-Corp incubator supported by our social profit. In doing so, we aspire to create a dense fabric of social impact businesses that provide greater social benefit to the world, showing entrepreneurs how they can not only create a profitable business, but one that will make a difference. Eventually we aspire to create businesses that have the power to truly make an impact on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Impact Story

     We aspire to become the world’s first #ChangeTank. It is a business design of our own creation that seeks to solve many problems in society through a truly innovative approach to our business. Our structure is going to be a combination of a B-Corp and a Co-Op in a way. Essentially people who join the organization will have voting, spending, project initiation, and decision-making powers – but will be supported by the team as a whole. This may seem very similar to a flat hierarchy, but our business does have structure that is designed to serve our clients, help our team members grow and seize opportunity, and benefit society through our focus on social impact. We are developing an innovative certification and training program help those who join our organization as team members reach their goals (even if it is not with us in the future). We want them to fulfil their dreams and become entrepreneurs or find their calling and live their life the way they deserve doing work they love. Our team even determines salaries and raises based on team level consensus. Even our founders will not make $1 million salary unless the team has voted that this is what they deserve.  

     We aspire to create a model for other social impact organizations to emulate. We believe if more companies like the #ChangeTank existed, that tackling big challenges (such as the Sustainable Development Goals) would be easier as companies would make decisions not only in the best interests of society, but with the consensus of their team. Corporations typically wield power in a centralized structure from which all decisions come from the top, which makes them slow, often blind, and mostly focused on profit. We believe that a company should be able to help the families that make it function rise out of poverty and setup a future for themselves. Helping business owners find ways to create sustainable and socially impactful businesses such as this – is exactly the purpose we seek to fulfil.