Based in United States

Flourish Savings

A For-profit

Organization Details

Flourish is a rewards and engagement platform for financial institutions. Our platform gives our financial institution the mechanics to drive desired customer behavior while creating an engaging experience that rewards responsible financial management.

Our behavior-based personal finance tools drive customer acquisition and retention for populations (such as minorities and first generation immigrants) that have generally been difficult for banks to reach and engage with. Additionally, they are positively supporting a mission to improve the financial health of their members and can have access to evaluation metrics to understand the impact.

In collaboration with top behavioral scientists we are building the next generation of banking. We combined proven gaming mechanics and a nudge system that encourages people to transact, build the habit of saving money, and stay on top of their finances.

Impact Story

Flourish empowers people to build positive money habit and achieve financial security. 

The impact is measured through several metrics: individuals’ contributions to their savings account, creation of a habit to set and track short term saving commitments, and fees saved by paying off debt. 

Thus far, those who saved using Flourish have accumulated on average $195 and even more importantly they shared with us that Flourish shifted the way they think about saving money, making it feel achievable and enjoyable.