Based in Singapore

Giveum Pte. Ltd.

A For-profit with social mission

How This Works

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Organization Details

Giveum Pte. Ltd. is making good digital citizenship possible. We are builidng the Giveum App, a lifestyle app that empowers human social responsibility through mobile engagement by connecting social purpose to social media, e-commerce, and online giving.

Impact Story

Seeking and contributing to global change is not a common user behavior for the digital consumer. Giveum is about to change that. We want to make active global citizenship the norm.

Giveum is built for Amazing Humans. Our mission is to provide a lifestyle app that connects social purpose to the users' daily mobile screen time. Giveum activates real social awareness, purchasing/consumer values, brand values, inclusive business, and inclusive giving.

Through user-powered micro-giving, Giveum empowers inclusive giving and opens up the bracket to individuals around the world who cannot afford the $10- $20 minimum donations, but would like join the giving movement. Giveum also provides social media channels within the app that make discovery and learning about positive impact simple and social.

Giveum is has partnered with Non-Profits, Charities and NGO's to reach out and engage an untapped group of individuals on social media who are not seasoned donors actively searching for causes to support, but are curious and would like to explore micro-giving.

Giveum is the real social media, where users can unfilter their generosity and compassion, discover their hidden interests in global issues, and contribute to a better society!