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We help young people in foster care get the education and career they need to create the life they want for themselves.  Through no fault of their own, they find themselves facing barriers most young people never have to overcome.  When they're constantly moving homes and changing schools, focusing on education is tough.  Being in foster care shouldn't prevent them from determining the life they want.  Starting as early as 9th grade, we work with foster youth as they navigate the critical years from high school to college and into the workforce.

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Paired with their own Pivotal coach, foster youth get one-on-one support to set their educational and career goals, then develop a plan to achieve them.  On weekends, we provide fun learning opportunities like hands-on robotics courses and web design.  And, we set young people up for success through professional development workshops, academic tutoring, college scholarships, and paid summer internships.


Pivotal scholars have a college graduation rate ten times the national average of foster youth.  In addition, our youth are beating the national average in the areas of high school graduation rate and monthly earning potential Our goal is to make sure every young person has the same opportunity to be happy and successful.