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Organization Details

YIMBY Law’s purpose is make housing in California more accessible and affordable. Our method is to enforce state housing laws like the Housing Accountability Act. We send letters to cities considering zoning or general plan compliant housing developments informing them of their duties under state law, and sue them when they don’t comply. We also undertake other housing law educational efforts aimed at advocates, electeds and appointeds.

Impact Story

Do you think the rent is too damn high?

That homeownership is way too hard?

That too many people are left homeless?

Yes In My Back Yard (YIMBY) is the organization tackling the root cause of all of these problems: our staggering national housing shortage. In the highest opportunity job centers across the country, we’ve failed for decades to build enough housing. This has resulted in outrageous housing costs, skyrocketing homelessness and poverty, and long, debilitating commutes that strain our environment.

By volunteering for YIMBY, your efforts are going to:

  • Growing the movement fighting for more housing: this election season has brought unprecedented national attention to the housing shortage (including some new high-profile housing opponents) and we’re capturing it to TRIPLE our activist base nationwide in the next year.

  • Winning new homes through advocacy: This year, we are mobilizing for the Housing Elements process, which could mean over 2 million new homes in California, without any new legislation.

  • Legal enforcement: we make sure cities follow existing housing law. We sue cities if we need to. This coming year, our “YIMBY Law” activities will result in the direct approval of over 10,000 new homes.