Based in United States

Pawster Nashville

A Non-profit

Organization Details

Pawster Nashville provides short-term foster care for cats and dogs, when their owners are in crisis and unable to care for them. The people we serve face a range of crises, from eviction, job loss, domestic violence, homelessness, incarceration, addiction rehab, hospitalization, and even military deployment. By providing foster care until pet owners are back on their feet, we give owners another option other than surrender. 

Impact Story

Pawster Nashville was born in the heart of the COVID-19 pandemic, as a group of Nashvillians began asking what resources existed for pet owners who had been affected by the pandemic. We learned from local animal welfare organizations that there was an ongoing and increasing need for crisis fostering as an alternative to surrender. No organization in Nashville currently provides this service, so we decided to start one.

We are completing a pilot program to foster 5 pets in the fall of 2020, and we will launch full operations in 2021. Even before starting our pilot program, we have received inquiries from pet owners requesting temporary crisis fostering for their pets. There is an urgent need, and we want to meet it.