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Re-Mat currently makes dog beds from recycled memory foam mattresses. We hand make the beds in San Antonio, TX using 100% recycled memory foam. We are also working to manufacture other circular economy products and zero-waste products. You can learn more at

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Re-Mat exist because the world has a waste problem and humanity is polluting the world with its throw away culture. We bring the circular economy to hard to recycle materials and help increase the utilizing of finite resources. Our goal is to become a global leader in the manufacturing of circular economy and zero-waste products. We currently keep old mattresses out of the landfill. On average, we salvage 60 lbs. of material from every mattress we recycle into dog beds. In addition, we also create local jobs since we manufacture close to the communities producing the waste we turn into new products. Our recycling efforts also reduce GHG emissions and save local governments and businesses money.