Every Shelter

A Non-profit

Organization Details

Every Shelter is a 501(c)3 non profit that designs and delivers life-saving shelter products with and for refugees. Nearly 80 Million people in the world are currently displaced from their homes by violence, persuction and natural disaster. Millions will live in tent shelters for nearly two decades on average - living in the same shelter provisions we provided to refugees in WWII. Every Shelter seeks to change that, working directly with refugees to inspire, design and deploy smart, durable solutions that improve health, comfort, and resiliency.

Impact Story

Every Shelter improves health, comfort and resilieny outcomes among displaced persons living in camps or camp-like settings. Our innovative products include an insulated, modular flooring system, market access solutions and improved shelter technolgy. We have served nearly 9000 refugees across Lebanon, Bangladesh and Uganda. Our Emergency Floor supports an average of 86% improvement in reported well-being and a 46% reduction in diarrhea among beneficiary beneficiaries.