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A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

atlasGO is a Social Business and certified B Corporation, headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Brussels. Its fitness and wellness application let users from all over the world be healthy, do good and be part of a community. atlasGO calls it the “Global Community of Sweaty Changemakers” and its mission is to continue growing this community globally, making people more conscious to live a healthier lifestyle, but also to work on social and environmental change. 

atlasGO accomplishes this goal by offering three different products: one provides virtual employee engagement campaigns for corporations; another offers virtual races for organisations to raise funds and build a digital community; and the last provides a free community app that plants trees every time users log a wellness activity. 

Impact Story

There are two main reasons why our start-up atlasGO is built around a social business model: we consider it a competitive advantage and we believe it is the right thing to do. We are driven by our mission to make our users more aware and engaged around social issues and identified a business opportunity we want to capitalize on. Balancing impact with profit maximization has been a constant learning curve for us. This blog post will further explain why we think you should and how you can have a positive social impact with your own business or startup.
This is why we incorporated atlasGO as a Benefit Corporation. So that, as directors and officers are operating atlasGO we are required to consider the impact of our decisions not only on shareholders but also on society and the environment. 

We develop a community where engaged sweaty changemakers, non-profits and corporations join forces to create positive awareness around social & environmental issues and to accelerate impactful change. Our logic model is designed to measure impact through a set of KPIs and tangible short- and long-term outcomes. It is based on our aspiration to create atlasGO Challenges that combine fundraising efforts, awareness- and engagement building measures for their nonprofits and their causes. atlasGO Challenges are designed to drive positivity and change.

Level 1 - We want to increase the amount of funding available for a cause by incentivizing corporations and runners to give more and we want to help people have healthier lives by moving their bodies & practicing mindfulness. 
Level 2 - We want to build awareness and empathy about the social and environmental issues within communities by giving non-profits and their beneficiaries a channel and a voice. 
Level 3 - We want to engage people to go beyond fitness activities by providing them with opportunities to become active, compassionate change makers.