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A For-profit with social mission

How This Works

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Organization Details

Launched in 2017, Belouga is an online learning platform for K-12 students, teachers and parents to learn about the world, with the world.

The platform provides users with a personalized collaborative learning journey through interactive streaming educational series and shows, produced by 250+ global organizations and educators (including the United Nations and UNICEF), which look to spark curiosity and creativity in a learner, all while connecting to their core educational subject area and curriculum. Students, teachers and parents are able to connect with other members of the Belouga community (active in over 110 countries) directly within each series and show to create virtual learning experiences that provides global perspectives and brings learning to life.

Belouga is accessible for individual learners or in a classroom environment (remote or in-person).

Impact Story

As a society we must create bridges instead of barriers to ensure sustainability and set the next generation up for success. Belouga was born to address this by making education accessible, impactful and equitable, regardless of age, economic status, location, race or ideology. By doing so we are able to create global citizens who are prepared for the world ahead, with a global community by their side.

Quality online learning is needed now more than ever. The outlook on in-person and traditional education is being debated each and everyday. One thing is for sure, students and teachers will continue to learn and look for engaging resources with communication tools to mirror a collaborative classroom experience. This is Belouga. Our team has provided students, teachers and parents worldwide with a digital solution for the traditional classroom to elevate their daily learning experiences, proving enhanced knowledge depth, engagement and empathy towards others.