Based in Kenya

edge performance

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

At edge we are passionate about organizations that will create the future of East Africa, be it growth-oriented businesses with innovative products or services or grassroots organizations serving their communities in transformative ways.

In East Africa since 2014 we have grown beyond Nairobi quickly, and have worked with entrepreneurs from Eastern Congo to Northern Tanzania enabling them build their capacity in HR strategy, talent recruitment. performance management and organization culture.

In Kenya we work with clients from Migori to Lodwar to South Coast thinking through what teams and organization culture will help them achieve their objectives and strategies.

We have worked in-depth with 60+ start-ups, social businesses and grassroots organizations across East Africa since 2014 and in the process successfully recruited and onboarded talent for over 90 hard-to-fill positions.


Impact Story

We are committed to supporting these organizations in achieving their ambitious goals by helping them build highly-effective teams and being attractive, vibrant workplaces. Our path to becoming the trusted partner for founders, managers and employees around talent and team related questions is quickly taking shape!

edge's career coaching programs have reached hundreds with playful & inspiring spaces, conversations and tools that enable individuals gain the clarity and confidence they need to maximize their potential, view their careers with new lenses thus accelerating their actions in taking bolder steps towards their aspirations.