I Was A Sari

A For-profit with social mission

Organization Details

With women empowerment at the core of everything we do, I was a Sari engages women from underprivileged communities to become the artisans of our designs and their futures. The relationship with the artisans and the entire training and production process is managed through our NGO’s partners: Community Outreach Programme and Animedh Charitable Trust .

These women come from different backgrounds and families – having often received little education. They come to our partner’s vocational training centres for a variety of reasons – each unique to their own set of circumstances. However, they all end up united by a passion for their work, realizing that their involvement matters and that the initiative’s success is contingent on their dedication and creativity.

Impact Story

In a world where profit margins take absolute priority, I was a Sari sees things differently –taking an eco-ethical approach to fashion.

‘We don’t really believe there is a need for a new fashion brand but we do believe there is a need for one with a purpose – one that cares about people and our planet.’ – says Stefano.

Inspired by the works of Bangladeshi Nobel Laureate and the founder of Grameen Bank, Prof. Yunus, I was a Sari is implementing a sustainable, eco-friendly model which focuses on a ‘triple bottom line’ – constantly analysing its social, environmental and financial impact, and understanding the relationship each has with the others.

I was a Sari is a zero dividend initiative that invests all its profits back into developing the brand or to advancing their main cause – women empowerment.

I was a Sari sees itself as a proof of concept which can be replicated in countless other iconic fashion materials – turning them into something unique, new and soulful.

‘We see the opportunity to create an I.WAS upcycling movement.’ says Stefano. ‘There is potential here for the revival of countless other iconic designs – I was a Kimono, I was a Levi’s….’