Quality, Food Safety Systems (HACCP) & Good Manufacturing Practices

Support Economic Empowerment in Lamas, Peru

Operations, Product Management
Can Start: 
as soon as possible
Can Stay: 
4 weeks to 1¾ month
Must Speak: 
English, Spanish
Accommodations, Learning Opportunity, Meal Stipend

We think this is an exciting project for the seasoned operations manager to support support economic empowerment in Lamas, Peru in exchange for free meals and housing.

Opportunity Details


We are a social enterprise from the Peruvian Amazon (Lamas, San Martín), is seeking expert support on food safety systems and Good Manufacturing Practices, and more specifically, on HACCP certification. The ultimate goal of the project is for the Experteer to provide advise in the process of implementing food safety system HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical control points) in its manufacturing plant of Lamas (department of San Martín, Peru).

The opportunity requires experience in agri-business manufacturing and food safety certifications, as well as Good Manufacturing Practices and procedures design. Some of the specific tasks to carry out by the Experteer are:
- To review and improve the existing materials developed by our organization during the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices.
- Provide guidance to the manufacturing team in accordance with the regulation, good manufacturing practices, and food safety standards.
- To develop the documentation required (see deliverables).

The expert will join our team, led by the entrepreneurs Michel and Carolina, and will work closely with Ysabel, plant engineer, and her operational team. We are a growing company, with ambitious expansions plans in order to increase raw materials sustainability (own plantations) and productive capacity (see technical project new plant). Unsatisfied and growing demand coming from the developed markets makes Sacha Inchik a promising crop in the near future, being well positioned to take advantage of this market opportunity and scale its impact in the local communities of rural Peru.  

We are moved by the passion of its entrepreneurs, who deeply believe in the need to expand sustainable agricultural practices in the area as a way to promote local economic development.


At the end of the project, the following deliverables are expected to be completed:

1) To develop a Good Manufacturing Practices manual.

2) To develop a Hygiene and Sanitation program.

3) To develop a HACCP plan.

4) To formulate an operative plan intended to find out areas of improvement in the operations of the company (manufacturing). 


  • Operations
  • Product Management


  • English
  • Spanish

We Provide These Local Benefits


The entrepreneurs run a local restaurant that receives visitors from all around the province in order to enjoy the local gastronomy and the elevated views of the Mirador. The expert will be accommodated in the rooms available in near the restaurant. a very quiet environment surrounded by nature, and located in the top of the hill, with magnificent views of the valley. The room has a private bathroom, with shower included. From the place, the Experteer will need no more than 5 minutes walking for the quite streets of Lamas to reach the plant and the offices.


The Experteer will enjoy the local food cooked by the hands of the entrepreneurs in their award winning restaurant.



The expert will enjoy a learning experience in organic production, Sacha Inchik crop and native communities of the Peruvian Amazon. Although Sacha Inchik, also known as the Inca fruit, has been used by the natives communities for thousands of years, it had not been commercialized before at scale and now is becoming more and more popular, especially recognized by its rich nutritional features.


The Experteer will be provided an immersive experience in Peru. 

Questions & Answers About this Opportunity

Currently accepting applications


Industry: Food Production, Logistics and Supply Chain

Mission: Economic Empowerment

Size: Medium sized organization: 25 - 100 persons

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