Project to Scale Up Agricultural Production for Improved Food Security and Income Generation

Support Women Empowerment in Ngora District, Uganda

Nonprofit Operations, Agriculture, Training
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as soon as possible
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3 weeks to 3 weeks
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Accommodations, Learning Opportunity

We think this is an immersive project for the experienced non-profit operations professional to support women empowerment in Ngora District, Uganda in exchange for free housing.

Opportunity Details


This project promoting Integrated agricultural and Fruit Growing aims to empower smallholder farming households in the parishes of Okapel, Agule, and Kobuin in Kobuin Sub County of Ngora district to scale up agricultural production for improved food security and income generation. This will foster economic empowerment of peasant women farmers

The project goal is to accelerate poverty reduction for 300 smallholder women farmers through market-oriented vegetable production opportunities

Output;(i) Built self-reliance of 300 households through increased vegetable production in the first season (ii) increased incomes from the sell of produce (iii) Capacity of women farmers is strengthened effectively (iv) improved nutritional practices. This will lead to (a) built self-reliance of beneficiaries; (b) strengthened households capacity to effectively support sustainable crop development; (c) economically empowered beneficiaries; (d) Project effectively implemented.


Key project indicators include:; 300 household/individually-owned vegetable gardens targeting 100 households per parish

Field demonstrations, informal training and farmer-to-farmer trainings used regularly to share knowledge and experience of produce management; for example, vegetable quality will improve, resulting in higher returns for farmers.

Increased local capacity and establishments, notably women farmer groups and or association, created.

Percentage increase in household income from the sell of produce.

Percentage increase in crop productivity including % increase in crop yields.

Benefits and impact; Enhanced household/domestic food self-sufficiency as a result of increased vegetable productivity. Improved food security leads to improved health and better family cohesion and wellbeing.

Poverty alleviation as a result of increased household incomes from the sale of the vegetables and savings trainings. The project will increase the number of poor engaged in agriculture and provide for an important opportunity to gainfully participate in national development.

Reduced incidence of disease especially among children as a result of reduced malnutrition and food insecurity.

Environmental protection and biodiversity conservation: due to soil and land management practices.

Increased knowledge and practices: as a result of increased beneficiaries' awareness and understanding of crop production and management activities, savings and need for educating children.  The project will serve as a catalyst for the local beneficiaries and other communities to engage in other off-farm economic activities and community development initiatives.


  • Nonprofit Operations
  • Agriculture
  • Training


  • English

We Provide These Local Benefits


we shall host the volunteer in one of our staffs decent house which is self contained, however, we shall also frequently be moving to the grassroots communities 


New ideas, knowledge sharing, and more skills employed by our local staff.


The Experteer will be able to learn new agricultural methods employed by the local community which will boast his/her skills.


This opportunity accepts applications for virtual experteers.

Questions & Answers About this Opportunity

Currently accepting applications


Industry: Program Development

Mission: Women Empowerment

Size: Small organization: 5 - 25 persons

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