Computer Application Developer Trainer

Support Education in Bamenda, Cameroon

Software Development, Technology, Teaching
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as soon as possible
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2 months to 3 months
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We think this is an excellent opportunity for a technology expert to work on education programs in Cameroon.

Opportunity Details


We currently offer our students skills in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) but we would like to expand to include Personal Computer Software Application Development training. This would give our students and staff access to new opportunities as they learn how to start and grow their own businesses through apps development. This training would ideally be developed for the students and staff and would then be integrated into our curriculum for future students.

There is a knowledge gap between youth involved in agriculture, researchers and agricultural extension worker. This lack of knowledge leads to a decline in their agro-based enterprises, resulting in youth unemployment, increase crime and delinquency. We are looking for an experteer Apps developer who is passionate and would work towards strengthening these youth involved in agriculture. Using innovative technologies in Information and Communication to bridge the gap between researchers and farmers. Social media can offer amazing opportunities to young farmers. It can help young farmers find information on farm operations, clarify their doubts on plants/livestock/disease symptoms and can have immediate access to market-related information. Thanks to low-cost of smartphones, there is an unprecedented increase in social media use in Cameroon. The power of social media can be harnessed to benefit the local farming communities.


There are two main parts to this project:

1. A workshop/training for our current staff and students: You would create and lead skills training for our group. This could be an intensive workshop lasting a few days or a more part-time training that our students and staff could do while keeping up with their daily tasks. This training should include basic Personal Computer Software Application Development skills as well as key elements on creating agropastoral apps and starting your own business. We would also like the training to include some hands on elements to keep students engaged and help them directly apply their learning to their future

2. A Personal Computer Software Application Development curriculum: This would essentially include the same elements as the workshop/training, but the goal would be to integrate it into our current curriculum or even create a new course. You would need to tailor the lessons to fit our system and create the necessary materials for the course. We would also like you to train the future teacher of this course to make sure it will be a sustainable project after you leave.


• Personal Computer Software Application Development



We will know the project is a success if we are able to create agropastoral apps, use social media as low-cost agricultural extension tool for farmers to fill the information gaps and address the farmer queries through expert support. It would boost farmer to farmer extension, and would strengthen social capital. 


  • Software Development
  • Technology
  • Teaching


  • English

We Provide These Local Benefits


We will provide you with a room in a house during your stay.

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Industry: Information Technology (IT)

Mission: Education

Size: Small organization: 5 - 25 persons

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