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Support Children in Kisumu, Kenya

Event Planning, Fundraising, Legal, Life Sciences, Social Sciences
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as soon as possible
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1¾ month to 15¾ months
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Accommodations, Learning Opportunity

We think this is a meaningful project for the experienced social worker to support children in Kisumu, Kenya in exchange for free housing and meals.

Opportunity Details


The children in our program come from the slums in Kisumu and Asembo village in Western Kenya and belong to a much larger population of orphans in Kenya. Of the 43million Kenyans, 56% are children under the age of 18. Approximately 3 million of these children have lost at least one parent, often due to the AIDS epidemic. Many times these children are left to the care of an aging, overburdened and destitute relative. When a widowed mother remarries the child is usually not welcomed by her new husband. Since it is not typical for women to own land she must remarry for her own survival. In each of these situations, the orphaned child is in a desperate, even homeless circumstance without any hope for the future. Currently, there are about 18 orphans sponsored through our organization.

What does sponsorship mean for a child?

Reaching out offering a caring and loving relationship to orphan exemplifies God’s love and care for all His children and brings hope to an otherwise hopeless situation. In addition to providing for physical needs, the child receives a better quality education at a boarding school. The child returns home during school breaks to maintain the relationship with their guardian and community.

What is the role of the sponsor?

Most important is to develop a relationship with the child. This provides love and a sense of security for a child who may otherwise feel lost and alone. Writing letters and sharing personal stories, and connecting through faith quickly builds friendship and creates a special bond


The Experteer will be responsible in developing children activities, such as games, sports and also organize children camps.

  • Offering counseling to the children and supporting families.
  • Link children to sponsors and donors.
  • Stay abreast with innovative approaches within Kenya and the region in OVC community-based care, counseling, and social support.
  • Knowledge in management of OVC projects and home/community-based care, human rights or orphan response.

Provide Child Support case management:

• Assess public assistance and non-public assistance child support applications;

• Gather and verify accuracy of case information to establish parentage and/or support;

• Serve on committees or workgroups to develop child support policies and procedures;

• Resolve case disputes, conflicts and complaints;


  • Event Planning
  • Fundraising
  • Legal
  • Life Sciences
  • Social Sciences


  • English


  • Swahili

We Provide These Local Benefits


We have huts which can accommodate up to 20 people, there is power, flowing water, beddings and clean sanitation.


We are a growing organization and works for the community development, promotion of better opportunities, improving standards of living and provides assistance to the social sector.

  • Volunteers will help the community to provide customized solutions keeping in view of the community needs and to develop mutually beneficial relationships to foster Education, Culture, Tourism and international exchange of ideas.
  • Volunteers will also gain experience in variety of fields including; social work, children and youth development, HIV/AIDS awareness and sports development
  • This will be an opportunity to have a taste of real Luo/African delicacies.
  • Staying within our community, will give volunteers an ample opportunity to learn and experience way of life and cultural practices.


  • Since our organization is just a few Kilometers away from  FORMER USA President Barack Obama ancestral home, we will arrange for a free visit and have a walk in Obama's village.This would be a great opportunity of its kind.
  • We can offer local tourist guide and free leisure activities and traditional stories, cultures and entertainment.
  • Visit Museums, Parks, Historic places such as Kit Mikayi, and boat rides.
  • Kisumu is a Lakeside City with a lot of leisure activities.

Note: Depending on the Experteers interests and specific project details we may ask that the Experteer cover some of their own in-country transportation costs

Questions & Answers About this Opportunity

Do i need a visa to travel from Europe?
Daniel, Jan 31st, 2017
Yes! You will need a visit Visa that cost USD 50
Representative of this opportunity, Jan 31st, 2017

What is the cost of living in Kenya?
Daniel, Jan 31st, 2017
The cost of living is fair, with USD 9 you can get three meals a day
Representative of this opportunity, Jan 31st, 2017

I have a three year old child . Would I be able to bring them with me ?
Alisha , Dec 15th, 2016
Absolutely YES! You can come with your child even if the child is one year old.
Representative of this opportunity, Dec 15th, 2016

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Industry: Non-Profit

Mission: Children

Size: Startup: 2 - 5 persons

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